KSCP student staff prepares for Spring events

Endya Watson

There’s a small group of Kent State students that have an answer to the ever-present question “what is there to do on campus?”

They are the programmers for Kent Student Center Programming (KSCP), the student-run organization that holds multiple events every week that reach a variety of interests.

John Camargo, a junior technology major, serves as the head manager of KSCP. Camargo says all events are planned with a collaborative effort from the group.

“We have two retreats where we get all the programmers together to discuss ideas,” Camargo said. “There’s such a diverse group of people in our department that so many great ideas are throw out.”

In the past month, KSCP has organized events from coffee tastings to Jamaican dance lessons to speed dating right in time for Valentine’s Day.  

Camargo says that while the process of planning events is time consuming, the finished product is fulfilling.

“To me, every event has been successful,” Camargo said. “As long as students are coming out, enjoying themselves, and we can see the work we did went to good use, they are a success.”

Janelle Ramsumair, a junior digital science major, has been working for KSCP for almost two years. She says she takes pride in letting people see her creativity.

“I design all the showcases in the student center that promote events” Ramsumair said. “I like that most about my job, it gives me a chance to let my creativity show.”

Jennifer Gunnoe, associate director of the Center for Student Involvement, acts as an advisor for the KSCP student staff. Though she gives the students freedom to plan the events they choose, Gunnoe says she likes being a part of the final product. 

“What I like about it is that, in some ways, it’s unpredictable,” Gunnoe said. “It takes a lot of people and a lot of involvement, so it’s a nice collaborative effort.”

Currently KSCP is in the process of planning their two largest events of the semester: Rock the Runaway on March 8 and Spring Break Bingo on March 12. There will also be smaller activities such as weekly “spa daze” sessions and cake decorating workshops.

According to Gunnoe, the annual Rock the Runway fashion show will have a British invasion theme. Spring Break Bingo, which attracts an audience of about 800 students, will have prizes such as sky diving lessons, a high-end mountain bike, and a trip for two to Panama City, New York or on a Disney cruise.

Ramsumair, Gunnoe and Camargo all agree that it is a team effort that makes the events as popular as they are.

“It’s all about coming up with ideas and working off of each other,” Camargo said. “It really is a great teamwork environment.”

Gunnoe agrees, and appreciates the finished product.

“I get really excited seeing the finished product of something that we’ve envisioned for a while and seeing people having a really good time,” Gunnoe said.

For a full calendar of KSCP events and descriptions, visit http://www.kent.edu/kscprogramming/index.cfm.

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