Our View: An even burden

DKS Editors

If a student was to sign up for an online class today at a regional campus, he or she would pay less than what a student at the main campus would pay.

In theory, this aligns with the notion that students at regional campuses have a lower cost for attending. But the resources to teach and develop an online class are the same, and we agree that students taking online classes, whether they are on the main campus or a regional campus, should pay the same amount for these courses.

We know no one wants to pay more than they already do for schooling. This is universal, no matter where a student chooses to attend.

But when professors are teaching courses using the same resources regardless of campus, we see no reason why students that pay for these courses should differ just because of location.

With the even price, students at Kent campus can take advantage of the online classes offered here, rather than searching for courses offered through regional campuses that cost less. That way, they aren’t missing out on the courses they came to the main campus for.

This new policy might also provide an incentive for students to take face-to-face courses, which we feel are more enriching than the online experience. Part of education is learning from your professors and your peers. This part is severely limited when the only contact you have with others is through a computer screen.

We admit that for nontraditional students who are unable to attend face-to-face courses, this is a burden they haven’t had to deal with before, and they don’t have many options other than paying the greater rate.

However, we think all students should bear the same burden instead of putting more of it on students who chose to come to the main campus.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.