Troy Grille serves up healthy foods and Turkish traditions

Chelsey Milkovich

With the cold winter chills subsiding, the idea of exploring downtown Kent is back on the agenda of Kent State students for the Spring 2013 semester. Located on East Main Street, Troy Grille has students stumbling upon a new, modern twist to Mediterranean cuisine. Family owned and operated since August 2013, Troy Grille is providing the people of Kent with fresh and healthy options to satisfy their hunger.

Owners Eser and Gokmen “G” Kalkavan reside in Tallmadge, Ohio but are originally from Istanbul, Turkey. They came to America in July 2011 to pursue their dream of opening up a restaurant.

“Before we moved here, we had traveled to America many summers and we finally decided we wanted to take a chance and come here to open our own restaurant,” Eser Kalkavan said.

G Kalkavan, owner and chef of Troy Grille, has been in the food industry for 25 years and takes pride in what he has learned to be able to open up his own restaurant and bring a taste of Istanbul to Kent.

“I know the business and I love the business,” he said, “I was born in the kitchen!”

Giving customers the choice of wrap, bowl, or salad, Eser and G Kalkavan compare Troy Grille to a “Mediterranean twist on Chipotle.” Customers can choose from a variety of chicken, beef and vegetarian options and are given a variety of 16 different fresh toppings that they chop and provide daily.

“We are big on being healthy, homemade, and artificial free,” said Eser Kalkavan, “We have a huge variety of fresh vegetables, fresh meats, vegetarian options to fit everyone’s needs.

“One of the most popular items on the menu is the Chicken Istanbul, which is chicken topped with a melted mozzarella and a special sauce. Other favorites include the Mediterranean marinated chicken and beef shawarma and the “best falafel in town,” according to G Kalkavan.

Some unfamiliar items on the menu that Troy Grille drives customers to try include the wet hamburger, Turkish coffee and Turkish tea, which are all Turkish traditions that Eser and Gokmen Kalkavan are enthusiastic about sharing with the people of Kent.

Not only does Troy Grille provide authentic Turkish cuisine, but it is also known for its welcoming atmosphere and culture.Paige Clere, freshman nursing major works part time at Troy Grille and was welcomed by the family with open arms.

Troy Grille also wants to let the international student and Islamic community aware it is only serving Halal meats, which is the process in which the meat is butchered, under Islamic law.

Along with the variety of meal options, Troy Grille provides satisfying desserts as well. Homemade baklava, almond ball, rice pudding, and fresh waffles are the specialty desserts of Troy Grille.

Senior psychology major Adam Walls says he can’t resist the homemade baklava. “It is melt in your mouth good and you can tell it is homemade by its quality,” he said, “It’s the perfect way to finish your meal at Troy Grille.”

The future plans for Troy Grille include seating outside the restaurant by Spring 2014 as well as providing delivery by Fall Semester 2014.

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