Fitness Diary: Week 7

Melissa Puppo

Forget what I said about last week being my worst fitness week. This past week marked my worst to date — I worked out once and totally caved in with my eating habits. I went to Buffalo, N.Y. with my friends in hopes of going to a Justin Timberlake concert that got cancelled — that’s another story — and ended up feasting on what Buffalo had to offer, including Mighty Taco, pizza, their famous wings plus some munchies to and from during the car ride.

Now I’m going back to my four-day workout weeks again! No more excuses!

I will admit, however, that perhaps I needed this break to remind myself what I have been working so hard for — getting fit and seeing results.  I’m not going to beat myself down because of it; rather, I’m going to work a lot harder this week to get my body back into the swing of things.

It’s now week seven of my fitness journey, and I’m not going to throw my plan away just because of a slip up. If this has happened to you before, or in case this comes up in the future, don’t worry! It’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to give up because you ate a slice of pizza when you said you were cutting out white carbs. If anything, this should make you want to work harder.

This week, I’m urging all of my fitness pals around campus to work a bit harder. Push yourself to run another lap, bench another set, increase the weights you’ve been using for your arms and legs — push yourself a bit harder this week and see how strong you can truly be. I guarantee you’ll find your inner strength, and I can’t wait to begin again either!

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