Fitness Diary: Week 2

Melissa Puppo

Last week brought on a mix of success and failure. I did really well on Tuesday, it was a great day, but I’m not going to lie — I didn’t wake up to work out Thursday morning. It happens, whatever, and I knew the following days I would just have to work a bit harder, and I did.  

I braved the cold winds and snow Friday afternoon with a friend and started off with circuit training as a warm up. I recommend this to those who are starting to work out because this plan mixes the perfect amount of cardio with some pretty basic arm, leg and ab machines. This is good to get the body warmed up and sweating. 

After that, we tried some new workouts. First came the ab wheel, which I have learned I am not strong enough to do properly yet, but I’m getting there. Then we got on the mat and incline bench, and pulled out the free weights to work on our arms. We must have done something right, because I was super sore the next morning. We utilized a few other machines in the main Rec area, some names of which I am still unfamiliar — give me some time, I’m learning. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work out during the weekend, so I really only got two days in, but I’m going to give myself some credit for walking all the way to downtown Kent knee-deep in snow. That was a pretty darn good leg workout in my opinion.

What I want to share with you today is an abdominal workout that will help you get back on track or get started, if you’re a gym newbie. I promise, as long as you start with this, you can build it up and do more!  

End your workouts with abs. Use the mat and do 10 to 20 sit-ups, 10-20 side crunches each side, then grab a medicine ball with the appropriate weight and sitting on a mat, raise your legs and cross them. Angle your back to a 45-degree angel and while twisting your sides, lower the medicine ball to each side. Do this 20 times [both sides is one]. If you’re feeling like you can do a bit more, go on the incline bench; right before you do a full sit-up, stop at the 45-degree angle again and twist your sides with the medicine ball two to four times then sit all the way up. Start with 10 of those, and build up the amount each time. 

As always, stay motivated, even in the cold. We can do this. 

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