Student hosts charity to benefit homeless veterans


Photo courtesy of Corey Thur.

Robert Carroll

JJunior aeronautics major John Ryan founded Giving to Those Who Gave, a charity which collects donations to give to homeless veterans at the Freedom House, a local shelter for veterans, as part of his mission to get to know himself better and help others out by hosting an annual charity every winter at Kent State.

“Being an Eagle Scout, I have been actively involved with multiple charities over the years,” Ryan said. “I feel the best way to get to know yourself is in helping others.”

“The donations are boxed and wrapped into Christmas care packages that are then donated to the Freedom House,” Ryan said. “I am a firm believer in giving what you can, whenever you can.”

Ryan said the best way for the students to get involved is to attend the winter event, which will be held Dec. 21 from 2-5 p.m. at Kent United Church of Christ. Ryan said the event will feature a more social atmosphere than in years past.

“There will be more Christmas movies playing, cookies and cocoa and more,” Ryan said.

Students who will not be on campus or around the area during the holidays for the event can also donate in other ways.

“They can bring in items off the wish list on the website, monetary donations and gift cards all directly to me before they leave,” Ryan said.

Students can also contribute to the charity by ordering T-shirts, which will go toward a $400 application fee to become a tax-deductible charity. Ryan said he will call each person when the shirts come in and are ready for pickup. The shirt design will be posted on the website when it is made.

The wish list can be found online at Students can also contact Ryan directly at [email protected] for more information and to talk about working a schedule out and meeting up to collect donations before they leave for Christmas break.

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