Consumers speculate new iPad release at launch event

Taylor Williams

Apple will host a new launch event Tuesday, keeping its promise of “still having a lot to cover,” as stated on the event’s invitation, after the announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c.

Consumers are speculating the event will announce two new iPads: the iPad 5 and a new iPad mini.

According to the AppleInsider website, the iPad mini is “forecasted to outsell its larger brother nearly two to one over the lucrative holiday season.”

The release date for the new products is rumored to be Nov. 1, following Apple’s tradition of releasing its product roughly 10 days after announcing it.

The International Business Times speculates the iPad 5 will likely start at $499, but the official price will not be known until Apple’s announcement Tuesday.

Both the iPad 5 and iPad mini will feature Apple’s most powerful chip, which is also used in the newest iPhone 5s, and will allow for Touch ID fingerprint scanning, according to The Independent Online’s technology reporter James Vincent.

While mock-ups have been made, nothing can be assumed until the official announcement. Calls made to Apple yielded no additional information.

The event kicks off at 10 a.m. PST on Tuesday in San Francisco.

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