Kent State logo trademarked, officials warn in email

Taylor Williams

Updated: 10:32 p.m.

Kent State sent a university-wide email Monday reminding students to be aware of trademark laws when using the Kent State logo.

In the email, the Office of General Counsel said it has come across “certain trademarks and service marks” that are being used without permission.

Eric Mansfield, executive director of University Media Relations, said the logo is something the university takes great pride in and this email is a way to prevent further unauthorized use.

“This is something universities all over the country deal with,” Mansfield said.

The Office of General Counsel is asking that anyone “maintaining a social media account that incorporates a Kent State trademark” refrain from further unauthorized use.

“There are so many accounts using [the logo] without permission, sometimes we know who they are and sometimes we don’t,” Mansfield said.

Some people might not realize the logo is trademarked or that they are doing anything wrong, Mansfield said, which is why the university is bringing this to attention.

Students, organizations and alumni looking to continue using the university logo must acquire written permission from the Office of General Counsel.

For information, contact the Office of General Counsel at [email protected].

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