Dunkin’ Donuts to begin hiring in Kent

Megan Wilkinson

The construction of the Kent Dunkin’ Donuts store nears its completion, said Ken Blum, Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner. He expects the new store to open mid-October if construction stays on track.

“That’s not an affirmed date or anything, but it’s a target,” Blum said.

Construction for the 525 E. Main St. location began in June. While most Dunkin’ Donuts stores have a 90-day construction timeline, Blum said this store is taking longer because of its complexities, such as the mezzanine level, new branding and new furniture.

“We want to make sure we get it right,” he said.

Blum said some other construction projects that still need to be completed include the electric and gas hook-ups.

In addition to finishing construction, Blum said the store is now looking to hire about 30 people. He said the search for potential employees is set to begin at the end of September with hiring information posted outside the store.

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