Delays expected as crane moves into R-19 parking lot

Julie Myers

People traveling along Terrace Drive or parking in the R-19 parking lot may experience a decrease in parking spaces and traffic delays as workers begin moving a large crane into the lot on Friday, Sept. 27 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Beth Ruffing, assistant director of capital design and construction, said it is possible both lanes will be blocked off while the truck is making the turn and also while the truck is positioning the trailer.

Ruffing said the crane is coming on a caterpillar track, so it will be a very slow-moving process.

“The thing will move slow because they’re going to be moving the plywood plates from behind it out to the front. It’s going to be inching along like a caterpillar,” Ruffing said. “It could be easily 30 minutes that people won’t be able to get in and out [of the R-19 lot] while that’s happening.”

Ruffing commented on the lack of space and the popularity of the lot.

“Unfortunately, it’s a very tight site, and I know how popular that parking lot is. We have been trying to maintain as much as we could, but still, there were a lot of complaints,” Ruffing said. “People want to park where they always have, or right up next to the building. We just got to have the space to work.”

After contractors move the crane to the lot Friday, the next phase of work, which is demolition, will begin on the Art Annex next week.

“It’s really large, heavy work and dangerous work, so we’re getting some cranes in there to manage the materials,” Ruffing said.

Ruffing said pedestrians are to use sidewalks and follow the directions from the flagmen who will be on site during the crane’s move.

Ruffing said once the crane is set up, it could remain in the R-19 parking lot for a couple of months. People who normally park in that lot are advised to park in the R-2 lot by the Business Administration Building.

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