Opinion: Don’t be too nervous, you will grow to love it here

Kara Taylor

Feelings of excitement, fear and anxiety swam through my mind when I moved into my dorm at Kent State freshman year. Whether some students are thrilled about or are dreading the change to come, Kent State has amazing opportunities in store for those who want to get involved with their new campus.

During the first week of class my freshman year, I was unnecessarily nervous about my classes. The first week many students are frantic about purchasing textbooks and fretting over class syllabi. My advice is to keep calm.

We should already be accustomed to homework assignments, quizzes and exams from our experiences in high school. Yet in college, where the course load is heavier, time management and studying is the key. Remain confident that you will gradually adapt to this new environment.

Meeting new people, rekindling old friendships and experiencing organizations campus had to offer, has been an amazing journey. I joined a gospel choir, Voices of Testimony, which enriched my social experience on campus profoundly. Joining the Daily Kent Stater and Uhuru magazine enhanced my academic experience and offered me opportunities I thought I’d never have as a freshman.

Whether looking to pledge Greek, join religious groups, or art circles, Kent State students have the ability to join more than 200 clubs and organizations here on campus. Attend Blastoff the Sunday before class to learn about and sign up for organizations.

Dorm life has been my most memorable experience as a freshman. Cherish your roommates! Even if the two of you are complete opposites, it’s a learning experience that will teach you to open your mind. You never know, you may be friends with this person the rest of your life.

As for our returning students, welcome back. Let’s stay focused and take on the new school year with a positive, hardworking attitude.

I welcome all new freshmen, continuing, transfer and international students. Good luck, and enjoy all of what Kent State has to offer.

Kara Taylor is a journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].