Acorn Corner introduces new business to its line up


Brian Smith

Construction workers work on the ceiling of the old Kent Hotel, which is now Acorn Corner, Feb. 2, 2013. The building is set to open on April 24 and will have a restaurant, offices and luxury apartments. Photo by BRIAN SMITH.

Akilah Porter

Acorn Alley is set to open on April 24 with a new addition to the building including the following: Basement- The Secret Cellar, a wine and jazz club; First Floor and Mezzanine- Buffalo Wild Wings; Third and Fourth Floor- Marathon Financial and Kent Area Chamber of Commerce’ and Fourth and Fifth Floor – luxury apartments.

Buffalo Wild Wings will open on April 1.

Ron Burbick, the developer of Acorn Corner and Acorn Alley 1&2, said he is excited for the building to open because it’s his vision coming together

“It’s a completion of a vision, so obviously you take pride in that,” he said.

Kent City Councilman Wayne Wilson said he’s also ready for the building to open. He said the city has been battling with that building for years and they are finally able to get something done with it.

“I’m happy to see the progress,” Wilson said. “That building has been a long process for a lot of years. The city has been trying to get something done with that building for over 20 years. “

He said the city has been through a lot of legal battles with prior owners, but once they obtained the building, they knew they wanted to do something with it.

Burbick said his idea for the Acorn Corner was to incorporate it with Acorn Alley 1 and 2 so the three developments worked together as one. He said that was goal for choosing businesses for Acorn Corner.

“All the operations were complementary to one another,” Burbick said.

“I took a commitment to the people of Kent,” he said. “I take pride in that my part is done.”

The grand opening of the entire building will be on April 24.

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