PRIDE! Kent plans to give back to the community

Kelsey Leyva

Students at Kent State University are doing their part to give back to the LGBTQ community through the It Gets Better Project.

PRIDE! Kent hosted an It Gets Better workshop to encourage students on campus to share their stories with high school students. The workshop included a brief PowerPoint presentation about the It Gets Better Project, examples of It Gets Better videos, a guest speaker and the opportunity to create an It Gets Better video and/or letter. The ultimate goal of the workshop was to give support to local LGBTQ high school students who feel alone and isolated.

Hannah Henry, freshman construction management major, was invited to speak about playing sports and being member of the LGBTQ community. Henry is a member of the rugby team, but she sees it as more than just a team.

“It’s like a family,” she said. “It’s really accepting.”

Parker Anderson, freshman psychology major and director of Membership Affairs for PRIDE! Kent, helped plan the event and presented the PowerPoint. He said that this was PRIDE! Kent’s way of contributing to the It Gets Better Project.

“It’s just my dream,” Parker said. “When I was in high school I was bullied a lot, so doing this and giving back to kids that were like me in high school that didn’t have anyone to talk to, it means so much to me.”

Wolfgang Davidson, freshman anthropology major and member of PRIDE! Kent, thinks this is a great way to reach out to the students.

“Almost everyone has access to the Internet,” he said. “If they need help in any way, shape, or form, the internet is definitely the way to go.”

Davidson said that he is living proof that life does improve with the support of others.

“It gets better,” he said. “If you think otherwise you’re wrong.”

Parker also stressed that the It Gets Better Project isn’t limited to the LGBBTQ community.

“I want to urge that you don’t have to be gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or anything to make an Its Gets Better video,” he said. “You can just be there and be that support that somebody needs. I encourage everyone to make an It Gets Better video.”

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