Faculty Senate discuss Complete College Ohio Act, student accessibility

Audrey Fletcher

Both Faculty Senate Chairman Paul Farrell and Provost Todd Diacon discussed the state’s Complete College Ohio Act at Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

The act is comprised of three parts: moving toward performance-based funding, addressing remedial education and implementing student success best practices.

The plan will be implemented over two years.

With the plan, President Lester Lefton said Kent State would see a slight funding increase within the first year, but would see a drastic decrease of about $8 million in funding in the second year.

Lefton said he thinks the plan was developed without adequate consultation and he is hoping that the second year implementation can be avoided.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) advisory committee gave an update with recommendations for making sure that Kent’s campus is accessible to students with disabilities.

The committee has four subcommittees that look at the following areas: structural and physical issues, curricular and instructional issues, which also focuses on online and technological issues, and cultural and attitudinal issues.

Some specific recommendations were updating signage across the university so students with disabilities can better navigate campus, looking into the accessibility of technology and providing ADA training on campus.

Other items discussed at the meeting include:

  • Diacon gave summaries of meetings he has been holding with newly hired faculty members and departments across the university.
  • Farrell stated he hopes the fiscal cliff is avoided because of how it will affect Pell Grants.
  • Greg Jarvie, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, went over changes made to the Student Conduct Policy that were brought up by Faculty Senate at a prior meeting. Senators noted a few additional changes they wish to see.
  • Senate unanimously approved an amendment to the bylaws that would allow those voting for faculty senate members to use electronic ballots. The senate hopes to increase the participation in the elections with the electronic ballots.

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