Republicans disappointed in Brown’s reelection

A.J. Atkinson

COLUMBUS, Ohio —Josh Mandel’s loss to incumbent U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown did not come as a shock to many of the people at the GOP Election Watch Party in Columbus.

“Sound politician. Horrible legislature,” Hinch Knece said.

Knece, a small business owner of an online marketing agency for political, nonprofit and corporate entities, said the results of the Senate race were no surprise to him.

“It was very likely in my mind [Mitt] Romney would be elected and [Sherrod] Brown would be re-elected,” he said.

Molly Silvernail, a junior business major at Ohio State, had stronger emotions about the loss.

“I’m incredibly disappointed,” Silvernail said. “I have a fear of entering the job market next year, and a fear for my parents. They’re both small business owners.”

Silvernail had a strong disliking of Brown’s support of Obamacare and said she hated he did not support a voucher system care.

Knece said by not electing Mandel, the country will miss out on a great leader with a great financial plan to revamp our budget issues.

“The Senate can continue to sit and do nothing,” Knece said. “The lack of fiscal responsibility is crippling this country. We’ll become Greece.”

Josiah Lanning, also an Ohio State student majoring in security intelligence and minoring in military science, said he also is most upset Mandel’s plan to attack the current financial problems can now no longer be achieved.

“[Mandel] was more willing to tackle budget issues than his opponent,” Lanning said. “Obviously if we run out of money, more people will stop lending you money and you won’t have money to spend. Unless you’re willing to deal with the budget issues, you’re not really able to deal with foreign policies or anything else because you don’t have the money to spend.”

Many quickly left at after hearing the official news, but a few stayed behind, discussing the need for a recount.

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