Kent State offers new fashion media minor

Nana Battah

Kent State’s School of Fashion Design and Merchandising and School of Journalism and Mass Communication have come together to develop a new fashion media minor, which will be available beginning in Fall 2012. Students are able to register for classes now.

This minor is open to fashion merchandising and JMC majors. It is considered to be a “two-track minor,” said JMC professor Ann Schierhorn, who helped develop the minor’s curriculum.

JMC students in the minor are required to take the fashion track to learn about the fashion publishing industry. Fashion students in the minor are required to take the media track to better understand fashion media. Both tracks are designed to prepare students to work in the business.

This minor will be an asset to those who look forward to a career in fashion merchandising. The fashion industry is no longer solely based in magazine and print media. With the advent of social media and the Internet, the public now has access in a whole new venue. The ability for a company to successfully merchandise, market and access the retail public is now dependent on the ability of a fashion specialist to use all media outlets available within modern technology.

“It’s great to see a minor like this now available,” said Sarah Allen, junior fashion merchandising major. “There is a lot of competition in the fashion industry, and it is important that Kent State offers classes like this so I can compete in the industry.”

The fashion track for the JMC curriculum includes a trip to New York City to study fashion media. The media track does not require the New York City trip, but Schierhorn said it is a recommended option.

“This minor will be a tremendous asset for journalism majors,” said Kimberly Broer, freshman KSU JMC major. “Being well-rounded in journalism is critical to be successful. Journalism entails not only hard news, it also incorporates pop culture, fashion, community awareness issues, sports, medicine and much more. This minor will allow the journalism major to delve into another important aspect of media.”

The fashion media minor has three core requirements. All students are expected to take Fashion Fundamentals, which is only offered in the spring; Introduction to Entrepreneurship or Fashion Entrepreneurships; and Fashion Publishing.

The media track for fashion students includes classes such as Fundamentals of Media Messages, Multimedia Techniques, Social Media Strategies and Visual Design for Media. The media track will also require that students choose one of the following classes: Fashion in the Media (only for students choosing to do the New York trip), Magazine Design, or Cybermedia Production.

The fashion track for JMC students includes classes in Fashion Branding, Contemporary Fashion Designers, Fashion Forecasting, Fashion in the Media (only for students choosing to do the New York trip), and the New York media seminar or field study tour for New York City studio students.

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