KSU’s fashion merchandising students style for Annual Goodwill Fashion Show

Danielle DeBord

Fashion merchandising students had the opportunity to style an outfit for the runway Friday night — with only items purchased at thrift stores.

There were three winners for the Fashion Student Organization’s Annual Goodwill Fashion Show. Third place was junior Morgan Pinney; senior Julia Dougherty’s two pieces tied for second place and junior Susanne Ten Brink received first place.

“People never really think my clothes stand out,” Ten Brink said, “so I was not expecting them to pick mine.”

Ten Brink said she ran into Goodwill and grabbed “a few things” to create her outfit. Ten Brink did not buy her shoes at a thrift store.

The total price she spent was $16 and it took her about 45 minutes to style the outfit, she said.

“It was really cool because fashion merchandising students never really get the opportunity to style anything,” Ten Brink said.

Pinney said she only spent about $17 or $18 on her piece. Pinney’s piece was leopard leggings with a red blazer.

“I was really confident about it and then I saw all the amazing looks,” she said.

Amanda Novena, public relations chair for FSO, said the show has doubled since last year. Novena said last year there were 16 outfits styled, and this year there were 30.

Each stylist had to turn in their receipts from their purchases. Novena said the stylists spent around $20 to $60 on their outfits. By the end of the night, FSO raised about $375 for their organization through the annual show.

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