TV2: Billboard confusions clarified

Nicole Septaric

KentWired Video

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Kent State’s new billboard campaign is causing some confusion.

The billboard reads “Kent State. #1 in college graduates in Northeast Ohio.”

The advertisement is true, but it is unclear whether it is promoting the university’s number of graduates or its graduation rate.

When comparing the college graduates in Northeast Ohio, Kent State ranks number one in awarding the most degrees and certificates at graduation.

Although Kent State only has a 49 percent graduation rate, it has the highest graduation rate among the other public universities in Northeast Ohio.

Smaller, private universities like Case Western and Oberlin have the highest graduation rates, but Kent State is superior when it comes to the number of graduates.

So, when the billboard says Kent State is number one in college graduates, it is referring to the university’s number of graduates and high graduation rate among the public universities in Northeast Ohio.

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