Kent and Cleveland businesses seeking summer interns


The Record Courier is one of many businesses that utilize Kent State students as interns. Photo by Chelsae Ketchum.

Kelli Fitzpatrick

Employers are looking, and students are applying: it’s time to think about summer and even fall internships. A variety of opportunities are available for students looking to keep it close to home in the Kent or Cleveland area. The following are just some of the many internships offered in Ohio. View hundreds more on the Kent State Experience Job and Internship Board at

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Majors: Most majors accepted

Pay: Unpaid, but pays for parking and discounts at museum

Distance from campus: 42 miles

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland offers internships during spring, summer and fall semesters. The museum hires 12 summer interns and sponsors up to four to attend the Cleveland program through the Cleveland Leadership Center.

“[Museum] interns gain real life experience by working closely with Rock Hall employees on both short and long-term projects,” Human Resources Generalist Holly Kosalko said in an email. “The specific projects for each department vary, depending on . . . what the museum currently has going on.”

Kosalko said the museum doesn’t specify undergraduate majors for internships, but may prefer accounting, marketing, communications or library sciences.

Students can submit a resume, cover letter, personal statement and letter of recommendation to [email protected] Further application details are available at

The Tannery

Integrated marketing communications firm

Major: Visual Communication Design

Pay: Starting $8/hour

Distance from campus: .81 miles

The Tannery has an internship program with the Kent State VCD program. Interns coordinate with account teams of advertising and marketing students to work on public and media relations projects.

Operations Manager Evan Bailey said Tannery interns are able to prepare for their careers.

“We offer interns an experience to help branch what they’re learning in the classroom to what they might experience in their first job,” Bailey said.

Interns conduct web and logo design, broadcast projects and marketing research for clients. Bailey said the Tannery works with on-campus, local, regional and global brands.

The Tannery offers “the convenience of being close to the campus [while] getting paid and learning what it’s like to work at an agency,” Bailey said.

The Tannery will be looking for summer and fall interns. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

The Record-Courier

Summit, Portage and Cuyahoga counties newspaper

Majors: News, photojournalism, English

Pay: Stipend, varies

Distance from campus: 1.79 miles

The Record-Courier has offered internships for reporters, photographers and graphic designers and usually has two or three interns each semester. Editor Roger DiPaolo said he seeks an intern who is energetic and hard working.

“I look for someone that values the written word and is good with dealing with people,” DiPaolo said. “That’s a big part of working for any newspaper position.”

DiPaolo said all previous Record-Courier interns have been Kent State students who earn real-life experience and can have their work published in the print or online.

“I firmly believe you get out of a job what you put into it,” he said. “I’ve been pleased with our interns so far.”

DiPaolo said the number of intern positions varies each semester, and he will begin considering summer interns in April. Students can send their resume to [email protected]

The InterContinental Cleveland

Hotel of InterContinental Hotels Group

Majors: engineering, culinary, hospital management, marketing and others

Pay: some are paid, depending on internship

Distance from campus: 41.2 miles

InterContinental Hotels Cleveland, located on the Cleveland Clinic campus, offers internships throughout the year. The hotel usually has marketing, food and beverage, engineering and human resources intern positions.

Intercontinental is seeking a human resources student for an unpaid internship. Cassandra Burrows, employment manager at InterContinental Hotels Cleveland, said internships will be, more than likely, offered in the summer.

Burrows said an internship can be flexible to fit what the student needs, including academic credit or stipends.

“We’re looking for someone who is committed and eager, motivated for the opportunity and looking for some experience with a large corporation,” Burrows said.

Students interested in InterContinental Hotels Cleveland can apply through the Kent State Experience Job and Internship Board.

Columbia Chemical

zinc-alloy plating corporation

Majors: Chemistry, biology, other science majors for lab internship; business, accounting, marketing for business internship

Pay: $12/hour for lab position; $9 to $12/hour for business internship

Distance from campus: 30 miles

Columbia Chemical in Brunswick will hire two interns for the summer. The lab internship is an entry-level position for a student with lab class experience. This intern will work through the Third Frontier Internship Program to gain laboratory experience.

The second internship deals with business administration. Marketing Coordinator Rebecca Harding said the business intern is a new position, and that this intern will work with multiple departments on rotation throughout the summer.

“We’re not just looking for a warm body to help us out,” Harding said. “We try to make it valuable for the interns.”

Both internships are close to full-time. Columbia Chemical will hire qualified students by the end of March.

“We need people who are flexible and have some professionalism,” Harding said. “Our company is very much team-oriented, so they should also have good communication skills.”

Students can send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]


interactive consulting and marketing agency

Majors: VCD, computer science, library and information science, marketing and others

Pay: Varies by internship

Distance from campus: 39 miles

Rosetta offers internships in each department of its Cleveland location. Summer opportunities are available in technology, business, search and media, graphic design and others.

The agency looks for interns with leadership and prior internship experience.

“The biggest things [we look for] are the cultural fit [in our office] and work ethic,” said college recruiting lead Halley Marsh. “The majority of our interns have already had another internship; we are rarely someone’s first internship.”

Marsh said Rosetta’s internship program is “pretty competitive,” and it expects a lot out of interns.

She said interns don’t “just [do] filing and get me coffee.” Interns work on real client projects in their department.

“We make it a microcosm of what it’s like to work at Rosetta in three months,” Marsh said.

Interns also undergo training, attend social events and donate hours to a non-profit group “to see the full cycle of a marketing project,” Marsh said. She said the goal is to create full-time employees out of interns.

Students can apply for an internship with Rosetta through the Kent State Internship Board or search opportunities at

Course Hero, Inc.

Study resources website

Majors: Primarily business, marketing, accounting, but interns just need to “like networking and like talking to people.”

Pay: Hourly rate based on productivity

Distance from campus: virtual internship done online

Course Hero , Inc., internships are available year-round in which students communicate with the business through email, phone and Skype calls. Interns work with the online service to help raise awareness about its Books for Africa program.

“One of the big things that our interns do is talk to their friends and get people involved in donating books,” said Vicki Kuan, operations and relations coordinator at Course Hero, Inc.

Interns promote the site to recruit users to upload documents. For every 10 study document tools a user uploads, Course Hero, Inc. donates a book to its program.

Internships last a minimum of four weeks, but many choose to stay on for a few months or a year, Kuan said. Students can build leadership skills while taking weekly professional development program lessons with Course Hero, Inc.

Course Hero, Inc. looks for proactive interns involved with campus or student organizations. Kuan said interns should also be interested in business and technology.

Students can apply for a Course Hero, Inc. internship by sending a resume to [email protected]

Contact Kelli Fitzpatrick at [email protected].