Poll workers report low student turnout

The turnout of voters on Super Tuesday in Kent was surprisingly scarce. Not many adults, and even fewer students, chose to come out.

Polls at the Rec Center and the Presbyterian Church of Kent didn’t have as many student voters as expected. Ann Kardos, one of the poll workers at the church, said that not many people under 60 came out to vote during the day.

“Because it’s a primary and it’s the Republican presidential primary, that’s drawing more Republicans out than normal,” she said.

Two Kent residents, Dian McElroy and Donald Slusher Jr., both believe President Obama is doing a good job in office, and neither sees a need for a new president.

“I think he’s doing a decent job,” Slusher said.

McElroy said President Obama is doing a good job improving the economy, something she feels is very important.

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were two Republican candidates that voters were favoring.

Gina Conti, a local high school student, voted for her first time. She said she voted for Santorum because of his religious background.

“I’m really new at this, so my parents just talked to me and kinda made me vote for him,” Conti said. “Not really, but it’s what they wanted, so that’s why I did.”

Shannon White thinks Mitt Romney is the best candidate because of his experience.

“I’ve just always liked him,” White said. “I think since he’s run a business he can run a country better than the other ones.”

Kardos said that the precinct of Kent where they were located is primarily home to Democrats, who don’t have a lot of incentive to come out and vote for this primary.

“It’s slower than we anticipated,” Kardos said. “They were guessing about 20 percent voter turnout but I’m not sure if we’re at that point, we might be closer to probably 15 percent.”

Kardos said another reason for the lack of voters was because the ballot focused more on local candidates.

“They might not see that that’s an important thing to do, even though it is,” Kardos said. “It’s very important.”