TV2: Who is May Prentice?

Kayla Robertson

KentWired Video

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Does Prentice Hall or the popular Prentice wrap ring a bell? The name Prentice may sound familiar to many KSU students. However, people may not know the significance of the Prentice name and why it is so popular here at the university.

May Prentice (1873-1935) was the university’s first female faculty member.

Originally, Prentice came from W. Illinois Normal School.

Coming to Kent State Normal School in 1912, she served as the Director of Training School.

She was then the director of elementary practice teaching.

Prentice retired from the university in 1930, after teaching for 28 years.

The May H. Prentice Memorial Gateway located at the corner of Lincoln and Main St. was dedicated to her in 1935. She passed away three weeks later at the age of 79.

In 1959, Prentice Hall was opened in her honor.

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