100 Commitments: opportunities for inclusion and diversity

Candice Dungan

The Kent State University Diversity Action Council and the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are taking steps to improve the program 100 Commitments, in order to gain more participants.

The 3-year-old program asks students to commit to diversify their perspectives on campus by participating in selected activities each week. Activities include attending a diversity-oriented program, reading a book or doing something nice for someone else. 

“100 Commitments is an opportunity for KSU to assist faculty, staff and students to create a warm and welcoming environment where all people are valued and respected,” said Geraldine Hayes-Nelson, Diversity Program & Community Outreach executive director.

Hayes-Nelson explained that diversity is beyond race. It includes differences in cultures, genders, ages and social status. 

“Diversity really is the differences that all of us have that brings us together as the Kent State Community,” said Michele Davis, senior grant writer for Corporate and Foundation Relations.

Davis said participating in the program will benefit students in the short term by helping people on campus to feel welcomed and included. In the long term, she said the program will provide students with the ability to work with everybody, which will help them flourish after graduation in the increasingly globalized economy.

The International Peers Association and International Mentor Association are working in partnership with the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in order to gain more program participants.

“We really agree with 100 Commitments because it’s uniting the campus with all different forms of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures,” said Sophia Oluic, Director of Public Relations for the International Peers Association. “It emphasizes that we are one as a whole.”

Members of IPA will be registering students for 100 Commitments at a booth in the Student Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 23-25.

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