The School of Digital Sciences offers a wide variety of choices for its students

James King

It’s a program that has been called “ground-breaking,” and now it’s fully operational at Kent State.

What is the program?

“This school combines elements of computer science, visual communication design, journalism, communication designs and many other elements,” said Dr. Robert Walker, Director of the School of Digital Sciences. “We offer a variety of courses that look into ways different societies, groups, professions, and cultures view and utilize technology.”

The school has both an undergraduate major and minor. In addition, there is a graduate program that is mostly web-based, and has students enrolled from California to New Jersey.

There are also six concentrations within the program: Management and Consulting, Analysis, Software Development, Cognition and Communication, Telecommunication Networks, and Enterprise Architecture. Currently, Kent State is the only university in the nation to offer Enterprise Architecture, which focuses on digital technology to support the goals of an organization.

What’s different about this program?

“One big difference is that the Digital Science school has no hired faculty, so there are professors from different departments who actually teach the courses,” Walker said. “This allows students to immediately see how different professions view technology.”

Another unique aspect of the school is its courses, a few of which Walker expects to be included in Kent CORE classes, once they add more.

One of the most unique courses is My Story on the Web, a freshman course designed to teach students about how the web impacts our private and public lives and also teaches practical website design skills.

“Digital Science offers a lot more flexibility than other programs,” Walker said. “We don’t have a lot of the requirements that other programs have because we’re separate from the major colleges.”

How does this program benefit a student?

“The school of Digital Science teaches students to work with other professions,” Walker said. “The ability to work with a wide variety of professionals is extremely marketable when job hunting.”

Walker also stated that the broad focus on the study of Digital Science is also a draw, since it allows students to take the required focus while maintaining flexibility in electives.

“I think that students will be attracted to this program because of our diverse choices in coursework and in concentrations,” Walker said. “Students that are passionate about the use of technology may find a home in this program where they couldn’t before.”

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