Campus community encouraged to report questionable activity

Cassandra Beck

Kent State recently reminded faculty and staff about the university’s resources for reporting sexual assault and threats on campus.

According to last month’s press release in E-Inside, the Threatline offered at Kent State is a tip line where a caller can remain anonymous by sending an email or voicemail. The Threatline is for nonemergency situations.

The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) was formed in April 2010 to provide a safe campus community for students, faculty and staff.

Dean Tondiglia, associate director for Kent State’s Department of Public Safety and member of SART, said the university sent out the information as a reminder that help is available for those who need it.

“We want to make sure everyone understands where to get help if they need it or what to do if they want to report something and remain anonymous,” Tondiglia said. “We send out reminders about once or twice a semester.”

The SART website provides information and help lines to anyone who has been sexually assaulted or knows of someone who has. The website also looks to educate about what sexual assault is and offers places where students can go to seek help including in the community and online.

SART was not only created to provide anti-violence programming and support services, but to encourage all community members to speak out when witnessing violence and to provide victims and witnesses with a place to go to get help or report something.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to make aware the resources we have available.” Tondiglia said. “We want everyone in the community to feel comfortable to report something if they see it.”

Tondiglia encourages members of the university community to always call the police whenever they witness questionable activities on campus.

“Employees of the university have the obligation to report criminal incidents to the police,” Tondiglia said.

The SART website provides resources for faculty, staff and students on what to do when someone reports a case of sexual assault, and also outlines indicators of distress, how to help and whom to call.

“We want to let them know that they can reach out to any of us for support,” Tondiglia said.

For more information about SART, click To reach Kent State’s Department of Public Safety and Police Services, call 330-672-3070.

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