BUS comedy show brings in laughs

Dominique Lyons

The Black United Students transformed the Student Center Ballroom into a raunchy comedy club Friday night, bringing well-known comedians to Kent’s stage for its annual show.

Although the show didn’t start until around 8:30 p.m., that didn’t stop the people who came in as soon as doors opened at 7.

The crowd was ready for someone — anyone — to get on stage and make them laugh, and all the comedians were quick to feed the audience their recommended dosage of humor.

This year featured Chicago native Marcus Combs as comedian and host, three-time Apollo TKO winner Queen Aishah, the “tainted church boy” Derek Gaines and writer/actor/producer Alex Thomas. ”

“All the comedians have been doing comedy forever,” said BUS President Avery Danage. “That’s their livelihood, their movies, everything like that. They’re just naturally funny.”

An audible excitement erupted from the audience in a loud buzz when the show started, and the comedians’ jokes were punctuated by applause, hysterical laughter and even the occasional jeer.

Queen Aishah, a repeat performer at Kent State, showed that she “doesn’t need a script” when a student heckled her from the crowd and she promptly responded with a verbal barrage, working the crowd into riotous laughter.

Even with big names like Alex Thomas, who had roles in “The Players Club,” “Just Married” and “The Jamie Foxx Show,” Danage said this was BUS’s cheapest show yet at only $17,000.

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