KentWired Trivia Results for Sept. 21, 2011

KentWired Staff

Here’s the answers to the KentWired trivia quiz.

Q:What is the current average lifespan of a human being in the United States?

A:78.3 years old

Q:What country has the highest life expentancy rate overall for it’s citizens?

A:Japan with 82.6

Q:What are 80% of the pictures on the internet related to?

A:Naked Women

Q:What children’s cartoon has been suggested to limit the attention spans of it’s viewers by the Journal of Pediatrics?

A:Spongebob Squarepants

Q:Who did Forbes magazine rank as the worlds most powerful man?

A:Hu Jintao – President of the People’s Republic of China.

Q:What medicenal purpose was the vibrator used for during the 19th century?

A:Female Hysteria

Q: Which former U.S president was the oldest to be elected president?

A:Ronald Reagan

Q:What nationality was voted “coolest” by users?


Q:What do college students tend to talk about more than they engage in?

A:Casual sex, or “hooking-up.”