Accidents reported on Summit Road

Kent State Fire Department evaluates Ahmet Cunmulaj after the accident. Photo by Kelly Tunney

Brad Tansey, Kelly Tunney

A driver struck a student in a wheelchair on Summit Road at the intersection of Janik Drive Thursday.

The student, Ahmet Cunmulaj, sustained no major injuries during the accident, other than a bruise on his arm and broken glasses.

Cunmulaj was crossing Janik when the driver pulled out to turn right onto Summit.

Cunmulaj said he did not want to press charges on the driver, just replace his broken glasses.

?“It’s all right,” he said. “As long as I get new glasses, I’ll be happy.”

-Kelly Tunney

Motorcycle accident

An accident involving a gray Pontiac and a motorcycle occurred at the intersection of Summit Road and Whitehall Boulevard around 11 a.m. Thursday.

Kent Police Lt. Jim Prusha said the driver of the motorcycle was transferred to a local hospital. Prusha wasn’t sure of any injuries, but did say the driver was talking in the ambulance.

The Pontiac had some front end damage, and the motorcycle was laying flat on its side with what appeared to be minor damages.

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-Brad Tansey