President Diacon notifies university staff members of partial restoration of salaries

Kent State President Todd Diacon announced in an email Thursday morning that the university is restoring some pay cuts for employees initiated in July. 

While the university made significant cuts to its budget, Diacon said fall enrollment, which impacts tuition and fee revenue, declined less than the university estimated. As a result, the following wage adjustments will be offered to employees based on their salaries as of Oct. 1: 

  • Staff making $49,999 or less per year who received a salary reduction will have their wages restored to their full rate that was in effect on June 30. 

  • Staff earning $50,000 to $149,999 will have half of their salary reduction removed. 

  • Staff earning more than $150,000 will not have any salary restoration at this time. 

Once spring enrollment numbers are finalized, the university will review its financial status and, if able, further restore wages. By Oct. 1, more than 93% of Kent State employees who received salary adjustments will have had their wages at least partially restored, Diacon said. 

The cost of restoring the salary reductions is $1.3 million against the university’s 2020 through 2021 budget, said Eric Mansfield, assistant vice president for university content strategy and communications. 

According to the email, salaried employees will see this adjustment reflected in their Oct. 15 pay, and hourly employees will see the adjustment reflected in their Oct. 23 pay.

This wage restoration will not remove or reduce the additional leave that was provided to use by the end of the current fiscal year. 

Jenna Borthwick is the digital content editor. Contact her at [email protected]


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