Forensic audio expert speaks at KSU about his discoveries on May 4 recording

Caitlin Restelli

Stuart Allen, a forensics audio expert, reiterated that it is never too late for the truth, and it is never too late for justice.

Allen spoke to a crowd of about 60 Tuesday night to discuss what he found on a tape that recorded the May 4 events.

The May 4 Task Force held the speech as the first event for the 41st anniversary commemoration of May 4.

“It’s 40 years old, and it’s time to put closure on this,” Allen said.

Allen is president and chief engineer of the Legal Services Group in Plainfield, N.J. and has been involved with forensics since 1976.

During the three-hour presentation, Allen played the recording to allow the audience to hear what he heard, which was a military order to fire.

Allen also said he heard four .38-caliber gun shots fired 70 seconds before the order was given to open fire.

Christina Freund, sophomore psychology major, said she saw fliers for the event in her dorm hall that caught her attention.

“I heard that it was about May 4, and I had to watch a May 4 video for my student leader training class, and I really liked it, so I wanted to see what was happening,” Freund said.

Lawrence Turner, sophomore flight technology major, said Freund asked him to join her at the presentation.

While listening to Allen’s findings, Turner found the audio interesting.

“I don’t really know the chronological order of how things happened really, so this gave me more perspective about it,” Turner said.

Turner said he could tell from the audio there are “a lot of new developments” that are coming along.

Caitlin Restelli is the student politics reporter.