Late fees may be eliminated at University Library

Cassandra Beck

The University Library could potentially eliminate certain late fees for students, faculty and staff.

Cindy Kristoff, head of access services and head of the fee waiving committee, gave a presentation to University Libraries Executive Committee on a new policy to eliminate late fees Thursday afternoon. The committee is still reviewing the proposal.

Overdue books not requested by anyone else will not be issued late fees. Overdue books with holds placed on them will still be issued fees. Nontraditional items like cameras and equipment will still have fees if returned late.

James Bracken, dean of University Libraries, requested a research study on all Kent State libraries to see how Kent State libraries can better reconcile the differences between the libraries and their users.

“Why would we want to deprive someone of that resource if there’s no line of people waiting to check it out?” Bracken said. “There will only be fines when people abuse the privilege.”

Bracken said the loss of certain money from collecting the fees is being taken into consideration. Fees account for a part of the library’s revenue.

“There’s a cost to the library about issuing over due notices,” Bracken said. “We have to send them out, we use up paper and there’s a cost of maintaining the notices.”

Kristoff said that eventually University Libraries hopes to have a text messaging service as a reminder when late fees will be issued.

“We’re looking to put the new policy in effect rather quickly,” Kristoff said. “We want longer loan fees or no fees for a regular book with no holds.”

Cassandra Beck is the library reporter.

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