Sigma Chi raises money for children for a week


Sophomore Jessica Corson from Sigma Sigma Sigma dresses up Freshman Nick Ferline, for Derby Days Wednesday. Contestants were dressed up as different Looney Toons characters as part of a competition held annually by Sigma Chi. Photo by Thomas Song.

Cristina Mazzone

Sigma Chi worked toward a $10,000 goal this week with its annual philanthropy event, Derby Days.

The fraternity’s charity, which began Monday and ends Friday, was themed “Looney Derby.” The proceeds go toward the Children’s Miracle Network, specifically to the Akron Children’s Hospital.

Troy Gunnoe, president of Sigma Chi, said last year the fraternity raised $4,500 during Derby Days, making this year’s goal more than double last year’s money raised.

Sigma Chi kicked off the week with a fundraiser at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, penny wars in the Student Center and a gift basket raffle.

The fraternity also held a potluck dinner Monday followed by a sidewalk-painting contest. Sororities were invited to chalk the sidewalk leading up to the Sigma Chi house and each chalking was judged based on incorporation of Sigma Chi and the Looney Derby theme.

Gunnoe said Tuesday’s events consisted of a continuation of the gift basket raffle and penny wars; both events continued throughout the week. “Sign a Sig” also took place on Tuesday. Students could pay $.25 to sign a Sigma Chi brother’s shirt in black and $.50 to sign a shirt in red.

“Something new we added this year that increased our funds by 100 percent was the option to buy a brother out for $40,” Gunnoe said.

The fraternity was able to raise $1,000 with the new addition of this event.

Sigma Chi also hosted speakers from the Akron Children’s Hospital. Abby Hexamer, a cancer patient and college student, and Nicci Avalon, a representative from Akron Children’s Hospital, spoke Tuesday evening.

Andy Wood, Sigma Chi’s philanthropy chair, said the fraternity took a tour of Akron Children’s Hospital.

“It was great to see where our money from the fundraiser was going,” Wood said.

On Wednesday, Sigma Chi hosted the “Pie a Chi” event in Risman Plaza. Any student could pay a dollar to pie one of the brothers. The fraternity also held a “Build a Looney Tune” contest. Each sorority was given a free coach to help them during the week. Whoever dressed their coach to look most like a Looney Tune won the contest.

Thursday’s events included a “Hat Grab,” where the more hats a sorority grabbed from the head of a Sigma Chi brother, the more points awarded, and a “Hide a Looney Tune” contest. Gunnoe said they hid a Looney Tune campus, and the sorority that found it was given extra points.

On Friday, Sigma Chi is hosting a volleyball tournament for sororities and accepting general donations toward the Children’s Miracle Network until midnight.

To end the week, an Easter egg hunt will take place in Burbank at the Lodi Station Outlets on Saturday.

Gunnoe said the Sigma Chi Derby Day’s fundraiser has taken place every year since 1992.

“With the ‘Sign a Sig’ and the ‘Pie a Chi’ events, we are putting ourselves out in the community just to raise money,” Gunnoe said. “When it’s all said and done, you might not like the pie in the face, but it is for a good cause.”

Wood said the fraternity stayed focused on the end goal during the week.

“We have had a saying throughout this fundraiser: ‘Do it for the kids,’” Wood said. “This fundraiser really does mean something.”

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