Club dodgeball team competes in weekend tournament


Photo by Philip Botta.

Erin Vanjo

A loud and energetic atmosphere surrounded the Kent State University Dodgeball Club as its players battled opponents Saturday.

For each round of competition, 10 dodgeballs were placed at a center line of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center’s basketball courts. Then, 15 players from each team lined up horizontally at opposite sides. The whistle blew and players raced to reach the balls to knock out their opponents.

“My favorite part about dodgeball is hitting people in the face”
-Ryan Menn

“My favorite part about dodgeball is hitting people in the face,” said Ryan Menn, junior applied conflict management major.

While the team lost to both The Ohio State University and Bowling Green University at the tournament, its teammates said they enjoyed the competition.

“Even though we didn’t win we were able to show off our KSU character,” said Mike Klements, junior nursing major.

He also said it was fun to play against new people and faces the team hadn’t seen in a while.

Against each opponent the teams play two halves, which are 25 minutes each. The teams play as many games as they can within that time frame. The Kent State team, made up of about 30 players, didn’t do anything differently to prepare for this tournament, Klements said. The team continued with its normal Friday practices.

“Dodgeball is a good stress relief and a good relief all together,” he said. “It’s good for your body and your soul.”

Co-captain Matt Klembara, sophomore visual communications design major, said dodgeball is also a great way to have fun and hang out with friends.

“I have made friends through playing dodgeball,” said Klembara. “I even live with three of them now.”

Both Klements and Menn got involved with dodgeball their freshman year, they said, when they first played on an intramural team. A dodgeball club player then invited them to join a club practice. After that, they said they were hooked.

“It’s something fun to do with some great people,” Klements said. “We’re a big silly family.”

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