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Ashley Sepanski

Todd McKenney

Age: 46

Party: Republican

Website: mckenneyforohio.com


Attorney at Law for more than 20 years with a focus on representing families and small businesses, such as McKenney & Gingrich Co. and LPA Akron. He is a New Franklin City Council at Large and was pastor at The Chapel in Akron for 14 years.



• Would like for charter schools to receive money directly from the state rather than local districts

• Believes audits should be a regular part of all school spending reviews

• Wants more accountability for school funding

Economic Recovery

• Wants to reduce costs spent on government services and reduce property taxes

• Wants to reduce administration costs by combining and streamlining government services

• Main focus is “more jobs for Ohio.” Supports the Third Frontier, which helps universities and communities support start-up companies with technological discoveries

Health Care

• Wants to cut Medicaid costs

• Wants to model Medicaid reforms after other states with lower costs

-Ashley Sepanski