Heather Wells

The audience applauded as commissioner-elect, Tommie Jo Marsilio, walked to the front of the room to thank the individuals that helped her with her campaign.

Marsilio says she is ready to take office and has big plans for Portage County at a Portage County Women’s Republican Club luncheon. She also spoke about how she felt on election night.

“I think the best way to describe my response is humble,” Marsillo said. “The fact of the matter is that, this is a very serious responsibility that people have charged me with.”

Marsilo made a reference to the Batman movies by calling a few of her closest campaign workers the “Commissioners” if she’s “Batman.”She talked about her for this coming January when she takes office and what she’s planning to do to better serve the people of Portage County.

“That means we need to have transparency in government,” Marsilo says.

President of the Portage County women’s Republican club, Jeneen Kubala, is already thinking about 2012 and keeping a positive attitude for upcoming Presidential campaign.

“Well, we feel this is dress rehearsal for 2012,” Kubala said. “We’re ready to buckle down in January 2011 and then look forward to 2012.”