Main Street Kent launches Locals Love Local campaign

Main Street Kent is encouraging community members to support small, locally owned business in Kent with the new Locals Love Local campaign, announced in a press release Friday. 

The campaign will begin Aug. 1. As an incentive, Main Street Kent will be giving away 300 “Locals Love Local” ceramic mugs during the month of August. 

To participate, pick up a “Locals Love Local” postcard at one of the five participating businesses including: Popped!, Off the Wagon, Squirrel City Jewelers, Tree City Coffee or Handcrafted. Postcards are also available to print via Main Street Kent’s website. Then, visit four downtown businesses including two retailers and two eateries to fill out the postcard. Once the card is complete, it can be traded for the branded mug at any of the five previously mentioned businesses. 

Purchases can be made at any business listed on Main Street Kent’s website to count towards completing the postcard. The campaign involves self-reporting of business support, and online orders are also included. 

Main Street Kent is asking the community to make the commitment to choose a local business first whenever possible. Especially as COVID-19 has created a difficult environment to navigate for businesses both financially and socially. 

Community members can add their name to the “Choose Local First” movement petition

“Our mission is to make downtown Kent a fun, vibrant and thriving place,” Heather Malarcik, executive director of Main Street Kent, said. “Right now our primary focus is on the survival and sustainability of our fantastic businesses. We need all of them to be here with us when this is over, and we have a long way to go. These are our friends, neighbors and family, and we’re dedicated to helping them in every way we can.”

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