And knowing’s half the battle: Unusual sex facts

Brittany Trojanowski

Sex reduces pain

With the release of the hormone, oxytocin, also known as “The Love Hormone,” and endorphins during intercourse, pain declines enough to cure a headache.


Condoms were first made out of animal intestines and linen sheaths

It wasn’t until the 1800s when they started producing rubber condoms.


Sperm can help reduce wrinkles

When sperm dries, a protein is left behind which acts as an anti-aging agent.

Penguin prostitutes?

Female penguins have sex in exchange for pebbles and stones to help build their nests.

Helps in weight-loss

Having sex for about a half-hour can burn up to 150 calories, or about three pounds in a year if you have sex seven times a month.


Sex can cause death?

Approximately 500 to 1,000 people die each year due to autoerotic asphyxiation, the restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.


Off with his head

Female praying mantises initiate sex with a male by ripping his head off his body.


Sexual sensations travel through the body at record speed

They are clocked at 156 mph.


Vibrators were a medical treatment

In the 19th century, doctors used vibrators to treat female hysteria patients.

Banned sale of sex toys

Alabama and Mississippi have a law restricting the sale of sex toys.


Semen is healthy for you

Semen contains zinc and calcium, which help prevent tooth decay.

Brutal punishment

In Hong Kong, if a husband cheats on his wife, she is legally allowed to kill her husband, but only with her bare hands.


Sole purpose is pleasure

The clitoris is the only organ in the whole human body with just one purpose.

The lucky ones

Almost all mammals besides humans actually have a bone in their penis.

Body shape can help determine fertility

Women with hourglass figures tend to be more fertile.

You control the way you taste

Coffee and booze make semen taste bitter, whereas fruits lessen the bitter taste.


Is cheaper really wiser?

In India, it is cheaper to have sex with a prostitute than to buy a condom.

Is kissing a waste of time?

The average person spends two weeks of his or her life kissing.


Longer journey than you thought

It takes sperm one hour to swim seven inches.

What month are you?

People tend to lose their virginity more in the month of June than any other month.


You’re not the only one doing it

Approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse happen daily.


Women need a little extra attention

About 75 percent of men reach climax during intercourse, while only about 29 percent of women reach it as well.


It doesn’t last very long

The average lovemaking only lasts about five to seven minutes.


Size is not a problem

According to a 2008 study in Obstetrics and Gynecology, overweight women have more sexual encounters than average-weight women do.


Odd combination

The most arousing scent for men is a combination between lavender and pumpkin pie.

Don’t let his ego lose control

Most condom failures happen because the condom is either too big or too small for the penis.

Stuffy nose? No problem

Sex is a natural antihistamine, curing stuffy noses and hay fever.

The unfortunate truth

Women are more likely to orgasm during intercourse right before or during their periods due to increased blood flow.


Rare allergy

It’s proven that some women can be allergic to semen, but it is curable

Giving them a hand

The contractions that happen in the vagina during an orgasm can help the sperm “swim” to the cervix, increasing the chance for fertility.


Government helped try to prevent diseases

In World War II, government-issued brochures and videos were released, encouraging the use of condoms because the medical expenses of treatment for diseases were costing millions.


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