Afternoon Newscast for Tuesday, October 5

Doug Rogers

Black Squirrel Radio

From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, it’s Tuesday, October 5th. I am Doug Rogers and here’s what’s happening.

Deputies with the Portage County Sheriff’s Department are still interviewing people before issuing a report on the Campus Pointe fight. No one is going to be charged in the incident without evidence. The fight happened just before two in the morning on Sept. 26 and involved about 30 to 40 people.

A family is without their belongings after firefighters refused to extinguish a home fire in Tennessee last week. MSNBC reported that homeowner Gene Cranick failed to pay a $75 fee that has been around for at least 20 years. Cranick was willing to pay the fee to have the fire department dispatched to his house, but the operators refused to offer. His grandson burning trash near the home caused the fire. Three dogs and a cat were unable to be rescued.

12 people in France are under arrest for their involvement in terrorist networks. According to CNN, nine of these people are being held because of their connection to an Islamist movement. The other three are associated with a man held on terrorism charges in Italy at the beginning of last month.

Kent State Golden Flashes running back Eugene Jarvis may not return this season. Trainers have cleared the senior football player to return to the field for the rest of his final season. However, Jarvis has indicated that he is not prepared to hit the turf once again. He has not played since a groin injury sidelined him after the team’s season opening win against Murray State last month.

Twitter users can fall victim to another security risk. Users who allow external applications to access or post to their Twitter account may be granting websites access to their direct messages. These messages are meant to stay private, but the loophole makes this information visible. Users are advised to use discretion the next time applications ask to connect to a Twitter account.

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From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, I am Doug Rogers and that was your news in a nutshell.