Owens bio

Name: Robert M. Owens

Age: 37

Party: Constitution

Resume: Ran in the 2008 election for Ohio Attorney General; history degree from Ohio Wesleyan University; studied history at Oxford University (United Kingdom); earned Juris Doctorate degree from Capital University Law School.

Bio: Robert Owens graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in history and a minor in journalism and went on to study history and politics at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He also earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Capital University Law School.

While attending Ohio Wesleyan University, Owens was inducted as a member of the history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta, and worked for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. He also spent his time at Oxford as linebacker for the Oxford University American Football team.

Prior to running for Attorney General, Owens worked for a federal judge in the U.S. District Court’s Eastern Division and practiced law at a firm in Columbus. At the law firm, he handled corporate, real estate, employment and banking litigation. He served as prosecutor in Sunbury, Ohio and is accredited to teach continuing education to real estate agents by the Ohio Division of Real Estate.

Owens has also served Ohio as a citizen leader and has even championed state and federal legislation as a citizen leader. He also served on the City of Delaware’s 2008 Charter Review Commission to fight for the police and fire departments.


1. Law Enforcement:

• Favors strong border security

• Believes in an individual’s right to own a gun is the best way to prevent crime

• Supports individual state’s rights to determine capital punishment laws

2. Economic Recovery:

• Supports free trade with limited taxes to encourage the safety of consumers

• Wants to repeal all personal income taxes to support small, which will, in turn, expand the economy

• Favors putting a cap on the state sales tax

3. Healthcare:

• Feels ObamaCare violates the Constitution

• Wants to eliminate ObamaCare

• Wants to encourage the state legislature to introduce a bill that would nullify the recent healthcare laws

(Source: http://www.owensforohio.com/Issues)