Shop gives students musical alternatives

Brittney Trojanowski

The new and improved Ohio Music, which opened May 1, is far from what anyone would expect from a local music business. A live stage, themed music nights and a small bar shed some light on a new convergence of music, beer and fun.

“We’re all old hippies who thought it would be fun to have our own store and clubhouse,” business partner Bob Rees said. “Everyone who goes to perform needs a place to suck first.”

Located next to Acorn Alley in downtown Kent, the laid-back shop offers lessons and used instruments. It also offers discounts for students.

Shoppers won’t find marching band instruments in the store, but the Ohio Music sells its own brand of guitars, “Woody James,” which are also sold at a few other stores and also online. By creating this brand, they wanted to achieve the goal of making better guitars for cheaper prices.

They also have a small inventory of drum sets, amplifiers and other brand name guitars.

When walking into this music shop, patrons are greeted with friendly smiles and the glimmer of sunshine reflecting off of the recently produced “Woody James” guitars.

Don’t be afraid to pick up an axe and start playing, or have a seat, order something to drink and hear the stories of how this unique music shop came to be.

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