Update: Student assaulted outside Tri-Towers

Laura Lofgren

Last night at 11:40, a student was assaulted at Jackson and Cunningham Drives, next to Tri-Towers, according to Dean Tondiglia, assistant police chief for the Kent State Police Department.

Three freshmen males, who were walking the campus, were asked for a lighter by two other males. The three students walked over to the inquirers.

“We walked over to them. They were smiling. They seemed cool,” said Zach Littler.

Littler, a freshman pre-nursing major, was next to the victim and another friend when the attack happened.

As the victim went to hand the lighter over, one of the suspects reeled back and punched him in the face.

After his friend was hit, Littler said, “The one kid in the white shirt ran after my friend and his friend just stayed put. I don’t know why.”

Littler and his other friend ran in the opposite direction of the assaulted. They ran to Dunbar Hall, where they filed police reports. The victim of the assault ran to Allyn Hall, where police met him.

Campus security was present as the reports were being filed, but did not comment on the situation.

The suspects are described as black males, approximately 6 feet tall. One wore a black t-shirt and baseball cap, and the other wore white t-shirt.

Tondiglia said the assault is still under investigation.

When asked if any more precautions were being taken to reduce the amount of assaults on Kent State’s campus, Tondiglia said they always have a number of patrol officers out patrolling on bike and in car.