Students react to first day of Crain Ave. bridge repairs

Sierra Guterba

Today was the first day of pavement repairs on the Crain Avenue Bridge. With construction near the bridge going on, traffic is already slow, and these repairs aren’t making the flow any better.

Earlier this week, the Kent Department of Public Services put out a statement asking drivers to find alternate routes during the repairs this week. This may affect commuters from the north who drive in on Route 43, as well as students who drive that way to get to work.

Senior Business Management major Andrew Goldberg works at the Home Depot in Streetsboro, and says he will have to take a slightly different route this week. He said instead of taking his normal drive from Route 59 to Crain Avenue to Route 43, he will avoid the bridge and take Route 59 to DePeyster Street to Route 43.

“Today I took this route and it really didn’t add too much time to my trip to work,” Goldberg explained. “The construction area is only really busy for me if I’m coming through there at 5:00 or 5:30 [p.m.]”

Students who live near the bridge are also affected by the repairs.

Senior Accounting major Kevin Daley lives at 521 North Water Street, and says the traffic was increased today with the bridge being closed.

“I went to pay my rent today around 3:30 [p.m.] and it took me almost ten minutes to get from my house to Main Street,” Daley said.

He also added that it is harder to turn into his driveway with the extra traffic being backed up on Water Street.

The repairs on the bridge ended at 4:00 p.m. today, and will continue off and on Thursday and next Monday.

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