Your advice for freshmen

Read these words of wisdom from a Kent City Council woman and a Kent State faculty member.


Be sure to print your schedule the night before classes start. As a scheduler, we have to cancel sections due to low enrollment and change classrooms for sections etc. We make changes right up to the start of semester so printing your schedule early is to no advantage. The night before classes start will save you time in a long run.

Ellen Losh

Administrative Clerk

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

My advice to new students is to register to vote in Portage County and please VOTE in ALL elections! Student voices mean less to elected officials when they don’t exercise their power at the polls. When I ran for Kent City Council the advice I received was to ignore the student population. “They don’t vote. And if they do, they don’t vote here.” Well, I didn’t exactly ignore the students (and they make up much of my constituency), but I can say I was disappointed at their turn-out. You can take over this town if you actually tried! The other piece of advice I have is if you live here than please consider that Kent is now YOUR town. Please consider yourself a resident, deserving of all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Welcome to Kent! We’re glad you’re here! Just wait ’til you see the changes in Downtown Kent!

Heidi Shaffer

Kent City Council Ward 5

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