Moving out of your comfort zone: Getting involved on campus

Allison Smith

There’s no doubt about it. Joining a club your first year in college will help you meet new people and make friends. Kent State offers a variety of clubs for people of all interests. From academics to sports, students will be able to find a niche that suits them. And if there’s not a club for you, you can create your own student organization. Check out the clubs and organizations at the Undergraduate Student Government website.


If you were involved in Latin club and Choir in high school, then these are the clubs for you. Most likely there is a club associated with your major, so ask your adviser if there is any way you can get more involved. If you’re an exploratory major, or aren’t 100 percent sure you’re major is what you’ll stick with, most academic clubs don’t require students to be majoring in that particular area to be a member.


So you’ve moved to a different town with a different place of worship. Or maybe you’re concerned your new home-away-from-home won’t be as accepting of your culture. No need to fret. Kent State offers almost 40 different cultural and religious affiliated clubs. From Black United Students to the Muslim Student Association, there is something for almost every culture.


If you’re looking to make lifelong friends, Greek life is the way to do it. With more than 30 Greek organizations on campus, there is something for everyone. Greek life offers many opportunities for students such as fundraising, event planning and involvement in Interfraternity or Panhellenic Council.

Intramural Sports/Recreational

If sports are your thing, but you weren’t able to get on any NCAA teams, then you shouldn’t give up quite yet. Intramural sports and recreational clubs at Kent State offer great opportunities for those looking for a fun yet competitive atmosphere.


There is nothing better than seeing your name in print. Forgive us for tooting our own horn, but student media is a great way to make friends and learn in the process. If you’re good at writing, interested in the news, or just want to see what it’s all about, sign up to be part of something people see, read, watch and hear on campus and off.


If you enjoy a little political debate now and again, then a political club might be up your alley. Democrats, republicans, and everyone else in between gather to discuss upcoming elections and other events taking place in our nation’s capitol.

Sign up to be a part of the discussion and, who knows, maybe it’ll take you places.


If you enjoy helping people, then you should check out some of the service clubs on campus. Not only will you meet new people from Kent State, but you’ll also meet people from all over the country — or even the world.

Special Interest

There are over 30 groups on campus focusing on a certain subject. From anime to environmentalism, there’s bound to be a club for you.

Student government

If you were on Student Council in high school, then you’ll enjoy student government. Undergraduate Student Senate, Graduate Student Senate and Kent Interhall Council oversee life on campus and in the residence halls.

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