Grounds crew maintains campus in wake of construction

Kyle Reynolds

The groundskeeping department is keeping busy by cleaning up after campus construction and plans on starting some campus beautification projects soon.

“With the construction projects on campus, we’ve been doing a lot of catching up and getting the sites around construction to look like they did before,” Groundskeeping Supervisor Rebekkah Berryhill said.

Berryhill said that when a contractor is finished with a construction project, they are expected to revamp the area to make it look like it did prior to their arrival. He added that sometimes however, timetables for projects change and the grounds department has to undertake that process.

Some of the tasks the grounds department has been taking care of, include seeding, leveling and fixing flowerbeds that may have been damaged.

The grounds department has made strides in campus beautification with gardening.

“We’ve started a little community garden and scaled down some of our gardens to make them more park-like so that people can walk through them with more ease and enjoy the surroundings,” Berryhill said.

In conjunction with the botany department and a conservation group, Berryhill said the groundskeeping department is looking at creating some butterfly gardens in the future and a boardwalk that will run through it.

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