Ex-fraternity president gets two years

Former Kent State student and Delta Upsilon president Robert Lewis was sentenced to two years in a state penitentiary for his assault on his then-girlfriend Amanda Linna on Monday.

In September 2007, Lewis had an altercation with Linna while both were intoxicated at a Delta Upsilon party.

According to eyewitnesses at the party, Linna arrived and accused Lewis of being unfaithful. However, Lewis claimed at the hearing that she was “smothering” and “controlling” so much that she would accuse him of cheating simply for talking to other women.

The thin, 5-foot-3-inch girl even went as far as pushing down the 6-foot tall Lewis. The altercation then moved to Lewis’ room.

The following is a culmination of testimonies and physical evidence.

Linna took hold of Lewis’ ear, and Lewis, in self-defense, bit her in the arm to get her to release him. However, the prosecution alleged that by the position of the bite, his testimony of self-defense was improbable.

Kent Police Officer Kathy Glass said the bite was the worst she has seen in more than two decades as an officer.

He then proceeded to strike her head against the headboards on his bed. Lewis was accused of pulling a knife and holding it to her throat, though this has not been confirmed because no knife was found.

Linna was paralyzed from the waist down because of a leaking cerebral vein in December 2007. The prosecution alleged that this is the result of Lewis’ assault, but the defense counters that it was caused by a car accident two years prior to the incident.

“These are difficult cases,” said Judge John Enlow, who sentenced Lewis. “It’s really tragic for both families.”

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