Sculptors commissioned for new pieces for campus Art Walk

Kyle Berg

The university has commissioned three new sculptures as part of the Art Walk, a trail through campus featuring statues representing some of the university’s highlights.

The project, which will cost just under $300,000 — one percent of the renovation costs of Kent and Franklin halls — was commissioned by the Ohio Art Council, said Beth Ruffing, assistant director of capital design and construction.

The Ohio Percent for Art legislation requires 1 percent of every $4 million used to renovate a building to go toward the installation of art. According to the website, more than 100 projects have been installed across Ohio.

Barry Gunderson, a professor at Kenyon College, created the first sculpture — located near Kent Hall. Called “Eye to Eye,” the sculpture consists of two large heads facing each other with thought bubbles stemming from their heads.

Gunderson said he was inspired by what psychologists do. He also said the arrangement of the two heads is supposed to raise the question: “Who is the analyst and who is the subject?”

One of the sculptures, by artist Susan Ewing, is called “Star Sphere 2010.” It will be located north of Franklin Hall, home of Kent State’s journalism department. Ruffing said the sculpture would represent freedom of speech.

The third piece will be made up of multiple sculptures, by Cleveland sculptor Giancarlo Calicchia. Together they will be titled “The Witnesses,” and they are being set up on the esplanade near Terrace Drive.

Ruffing said the sculptures would each be up by the beginning of the fall semester in August.

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