Flash Fest ’10 rocks

Michelle Bair

People from all over campus poured into Manchester Field yesterday for the free festivities of Flash Fest.

It was an evening full of live bands, fresh popcorn, hand-spun cotton candy and games provided by MTVu Movies and Music Festival, which provided opportunities to win money, a trip to Six Flags and tickets to the MTV Movie Awards.

A camera flew over the crowd, receiving video footage of students, which will be aired on MTVu. It was the second day of the Too Fast for Love Tour, featuring a variety of bands that vary in style.

Joey P and the Two Tymers had a smile-filled opening performance, followed by I fight Dragons, Travie McCoy, 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship.

In celebration of Kent State’s centennial, there were 2,000 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with the letter “K” on them for everyone to enjoy during the concert.

There was a huge silver stage, several white tents and big, black buses around the premises of the fest. A grey climbing mountain and MTVu décor lined the back of the field, which gradually grew more crowded as the night went on.

The army passed out free customized dog collars and other giveaways. Balloon animals were available, and there was a 15-minute signing session with the band after their performances.

“I think this year was a lot more fun that last year,” said Rebecca Micco, a sophomore education major. “It was outside this year and there was more to do.

— Michelle Bair