Faculty Senate revises course overload policy

Suzi Starheim

Students who want to carry more than 18 credit hours per semester may be able to do so more easily in the near future, said Faculty Senate Chair Tom Janson at this afternoon’s Faculty Senate meeting.

Janson said it is unnecessary for students with solid GPAs to go through deans to register for additional credit hours.

“Currently, students who want to carry more than 18 hours as an undergraduate student must go to the dean’s office and get a signature,” Janson said. “If there is a sufficiently high GPA, the student can automatically register over 18.”


Among the other topics discussed at the meeting were syllabus function and Kent CORE. The Executive Committee and the provost reached conclusions on the difference in wording of the Kent CORE description debated in the previous meeting.

They also discussed the inactivation of the Horticultural Technology and Industrial Trades Technology majors on the Geauga campus.

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