Kent State’s Biggest Loser | Part 2

Kelley Stoklosa

This is the second installment Kent State’s Biggest Loser

It’s been four weeks since senior communications major Laura Payne began her weight loss journey. Laura has been working out several times a week and trying to stick to a healthier eating plan, with the help of a nutritionist at the Nutrition Outreach Center. Overall it has been going really well, Laura said.

Diet :Laura said her diet plan has been easy to stick with. With the guidance of her nutritionist, Laura has decided to decrease her daily caloric intake from 1,800 to 1,600.

“I’m not eating all 1,800 calories anyway,” she said. Laura also plans to increase the amount of fiber and protein she eats.

Finding healthy options on campus has been fairly easy for Laura.

“I really like the steamed broccoli and veggie burgers on a whole wheat bun from Rosie’s,” she said.

Exercise: “This week exercise has been difficult because of my schedule, ” she said. “It’s my last semester of senior year, so I’m pretty busy. I try to work out at least three times a week, but this week I’m only able to work out once or twice.”

Beginning weight: 190

Current weight: 187.2 lbs (as of March 1)

— Kelley Stoklosa