Contributing editor at Harper’s Bazaar lectures students

Nicole Nisson

Jenny Barnett, the contributing editor at Harper’s Bazaar, spoke to Kent State students yesterday in Franklin Hall about careers in fashion media.

“We have asked Jenny to give a presentation that will help support the conversations around creating a Fashion Communications minor between the Fashion School and areas in the College of Communication and Information,” said J.R. Campbell, director and professor of the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Barnett’s opening speech addressed her enthusiasm for fashion and communication intersecting in the media industry.

“This is a passion that is still very close to my heart,” Barnett said. “It’s a job that is never the same which is what makes it so exciting.”

Barnett worked as deputy editor at Marie Claire UK before transferring to the same publication in the United States.

“The differentiation I quickly learned between working print in Europe and the United States is you put a lot of sex on the European covers and a lot of hair on the American covers.”

Barnett discussed similarities and distinctions between occupational roles within a fashion magazine publication.

“You always got to be moving and making changes in the magazine,” Barnett said. “Bazaar likes to do things in an elegant way while providing service to our readers.”

Barnett spoke about what is expected when working at a fashion publication. She said one expectation is to keep culture in mind.

“It’s not just about fashion. Culture is also important,” Barnett said. “You need to know what everyone is interested in and what they are constantly talking about.”

Aside from working with the magazine, Barnett became editor of the fashion book “Harper’s Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age.”

“I think it’s always good not to take yourself too seriously in fashion,” Barnett said. “For me the joy comes from working with different people that are doing different things for the magazine.”

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